Advanced Sys-tek is committed customer satisfaction through reliability in the areas of technology, quality, delivery time, health, safety, environment in order to maximize returns to our company and all our stakeholders, including our employees. We will consciously reduce risks to health, safety and environment across all our activities and operations.

We are committed to -

  • Protect Human health, avoid harm to all personnel involved in, or affected by, our activities.
  • Comply with applicable environmental, legal regulations of the locations in which we operate.


Every employee of Advanced Sys-tek is the Source of Quality and is committed to:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Provide and build long-term loyalty by partnering with customers.
  • Ensure strict local compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to the quality, safety and performance requirements in each country in which AST products and services are offered.
  • Drive for continuous improvement.

We meet these commitments with the highest integrity, through clearly documented quality objectives, routine quality management reviews and an all-encompassing Quality culture that employs the Lean Six Sigma method.


Management team is responsible to ensure the implementation of the policy by providing the necessary processes, practices, procedures, resources and training at all levels.

The Management reviews the Quality Policy annually to assure its continued applicability and effectiveness.

Employees are responsible to voice concerns regarding -

  • Any questions or concerns about interpreting this policy or applying it to their jobs.
  • Concerns involving a violation or possible violation of this policy to a Manager of AST Quality Representative
  • Concerns involving a violation of AST's integrity policy of the law, to a manager, AST auditor, or other designated person
  • Ability to meet customer requirements and expectations and comply with all parts of the Quality Management System.

Reports may be written or oral, and may be completely anonymous, and retribution against any employee for reporting or supplying information about a policy concern is strictly prohibited.


The Management of Advanced Sys-tek declares that the Health, Safety and well-being of its employees and concern for the Environment are the cornerstones of the Company's policy and practices for a sustainable and profitable growth. This Safety and Environment policy has been defined and laid down within the context of the Safety and Environmental policy of the Advanced Sys-tek.

Under Safety and Environmental policy, we are committed to comply with applicable legislation and regulations. In addition, to the extent practicable, we continuously aim to improve our performance in the areas of Safety and Environment, through

  • Appropriate measures to limit and where possible prevent risks & damages to personnel, property and environment
  • The promotion of good working conditions
  • The prevention, control and reduction of emissions to air, water, soil and noise
  • The prevention, control and reduction of waste streams
  • Adequate training, education and involvement of employees with regard to Safety and Environmental Management
  • The promotion of good relations and communications with government and third parties in relation to Safety and Environmental issues
  • Health & Safety performance review of individuals during annual evaluation
  • Educate visitors, contractors, sub-contractors, transporters and other agencies entering the premises with respect to Environment, Health and Safety
  • Relevant techniques & methods such as safety audits and risk assessment for periodical assessment as per the prevalent statutory norms of the status on Health, Safety and Environment and taking all appropriate remedial measures
  • Integrate Environment, Health and Safety, in all decisions including those dealing with process changes/development, purchase of plant, equipment, machinery, purchase of raw materials/auxiliary chemicals and as well as selection and placement of personnel