Additive Injection & Blending System

Additive Injection System consists of Additive Tank, Pump Module and an Additive Injection Panel. This can be a static system on a skid or a mobile system mounted on a trolley with a towing handle


Dispenses exact quantity of additive into the main product in a variety of applications. The quantity of injection could be in terms of either parts per million or percentage of volume of the main product


  • Complete Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, installation, commissioning and after sales support of variety of applications
  • Inclusions: Additive block/panel with an inbuilt additive meter, SOV, Needle Valve for isolation, Strainer, Check-valve and Additive Controller
  • Optimized for petroleum additive products using additive meter according to its characteristics of viscosity & flow of petroleum products
  • Provision for online calibration
  • Provision of bypass line for manual injection of the additive in case of failure of the meter or solenoid valve