Pulse Transmitters
Model: VS300

Pulse Transmitter converts the angular rotation of its input shaft into two separate electrical pulse trains, phase shifted by 90 degree


VS300 finds use in control systems application as a general purpose, robust, industrial pulse transmitter. It’s specifically designed for positive displacement volume flow metering applications in the oil and petrochemicals industry.


  • Flameproof Enclosure
  • Designed to mechanically work with variety of PD Meters
  • Twin output pulse trains, 90 degree phase shifted
  • It interfaces electronically with variety of Batch controllers, totalisers, flow computers etc. enabling compliance of level A security as per IP252/76, ISO 6551 and API Chapter 5 standards
  • Resolution of 100 pulses per revolution for each pulse stream
  • Optically generated pulses using LED sources
  • Special anti-chatter mechanism included

Standards & Certification

  • CIMFR and PESO approved for use in Hazardous area, Zone 1, Gr. IIA, IIB