Proximity Card Reader
Model: Sentry

Proximity card reader works on non-contact type technology in which the card is read by passing it within few centimetres of the glass window of sentry.


A card reader is used to authenticate the card holder and controls the access of person / vehicle inside any restricted area.


  • Sentry readers offer excellent reliability and consistent read range
  • Provision of redundant port in case of failure of primary communication-port
  • Facilitates industry standard non-contact proximity card technology
  • It can upload desired configuration from the host computer, or for simple applications it can operate in a default configuration mode
  • A bi-colour LED is provided to indicate that the Sentry is powered. This turns briefly from green to red on each successful card reading

Standards & Certification

  • ATEX, IECEX (applied) and PESO approved for use in Hazardous area, Zone 1, Gr. IIA, IIB