Liquid & Gas Fiscal Metering System


Fiscal metering systems are essentially supervisory systems for liquid and gas flow measurement. Fiscal metering solutions facilitate fair trade, traceability, uniformity and compliance with the Weight and Measurement regulations.


  • AST Provides Fiscal/Custody transfer metering solution/skids using Ultrasonic Meters, Mass Flow Meters, Turbine Meters and Orifice Meters to facilitate Transmission and Distribution of Gas & Liquid with SCADA based monitoring and control system
    • Liquid Metering skid
    • Gas Conditioning Skid
    • Gas Metering skid
    • Gas Metering & Regulating Station
  • Prover or Proving Arrangement for Gas/Liquid AST’s offering includes design, engineering, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and validation as per the latest and relevant liquid and Gas measurement standards like API, AGA, ISO etc. AST also provide after sales support for metering skids to ensure high availability.