Over-spill Detector
(Arm Interlock & Anti-spill Detector)

An intelligent electronic interlock device used to provide safety during liquid loading applications.

Arm Interlock ensures proper positioning of top-loading arm and monitors it throughout the loading operation.

Anti-spill/Overspill prevents over spillage of precious liquid from the tank-truck vehicle.


It is designed to provide an automatic means to prevent the filling of a container beyond a predetermined level


  • Overspill detection sensor is an integral part of the loading arm
  • No requirement for calibration & free from the maintenance
  • Intrinsic safe circuit design
  • Choice of variety of overspill sensors suitable for wide range of viscous liquids
  • Potential free relay output for pumps, values, PLCs, alarms, Batch controller, etc
  • Bright Indicating lamps for Arm position status, over spillage status & input Power

Standards & Certification

  • PESO approved for use in Hazardous area